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Linea Ammendanti substrati e organici


Suitable for lawns

Peat soil amendment specific for sowing, maintenance and regeneration where the selected components are mixed with silica sand to ensure good drainage, improve the water balance and create correct aeration in the soil.


For correct use, it is recommended to use it before the turf sowing periods and therefore in the spring/autumn seasons.

Before applying potting soil, it is important to prepare the existing soil. Remove debris, stones and level the ground to obtain an even surface. You can mix turf compost with existing soil to improve its structure and fertility. Mixing should be done at an adequate depth to promote good root growth.
After sowing or transplanting, it is essential to provide adequate irrigation to ensure proper seed germination or seedling establishment.


Sand: is often added to improve soil drainage and prevent waterlogging, which can be harmful to plant roots; peat: organic material that helps improve the structure of the soil, increase water retention and promote root growth; compost: adds organic matter to the soil, providing essential nutrients and improving soil fertility; perlite or vermiculite: These lightweight, porous materials are often included to improve aeration and potting soil structure; slow-release fertilizers: they provide plants with constant nutrition over time; humifying agents: improve the soil's ability to retain nutrients and increase plant health.


50 It. (DIN)-45 It. (EN) COD. 1323 / pallet EUR 60 pz
80 It. (DIN)-70 lt. (EN) COD. 1324 / pallet EUR 42 pz


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