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From the heart of our company to your curiosity: in the section Who we are  you will relive our history, the Catalog  will guide you through quality solutions,  News will keep you informed, in the section Contacts you will find a way to be part of our green growth and on the Privacy & Cookies page, you will delve into the details of our policy. 

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10022 - Carmagnola (TO)

Via Sommariva, 42



Our story begins way back in 1955, when the Fratelli Fissore Fertilizzanti company was founded with the vision of contributing to agricultural development in the Piedmont area. Since then, we have grown and evolved, but our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions has remained unchanged.

For over six decades, the F.lli Fissore Fertilizzanti company has been committed with dedication and competence in the agricultural sector, focusing on the production of mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers. Since 1977, the company has expanded its range of products, presenting a complete line dedicated to horticulture, floriculture and gardening enthusiasts.

We stand out for our dedication to quality, research and innovation. We work with agricultural industry experts to develop cutting-edge formulations that improve crop yields while respecting the environment. Our range of fertilizers is designed to maximize the nutritional efficiency of plants, thus helping to promote sustainable and responsible agriculture.

The new catalog offers a vast selection of products for the care of green spaces, deriving from cutting-edge production methods. These methodologies allow for great flexibility in adapting to changing market needs. The products of F.lli Fissore Fertilizzanti, the result of meticulous research and field trials, are made in harmony with the environment. These satisfy the needs of both the professional and amateur sectors with quality and convenience, addressing horticulturists, flower growers, nurserymen and gardeners. The range includes specific proposals in the field of plant nutrition.

Characterized by a renewed packaging and available in targeted packages for every need, the products are successfully presented in a traditional and specialized sales network.

In addition to producing high-quality fertilizers, we are committed to providing excellent customer service. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you with competence and courtesy, offering personalized advice to best meet your agricultural needs.

Hands carefully holding a clod of fertile soil, symbolizing connection and commitment to caring for the earth

Our mission

Our attention to detail is reflected in the meticulous care with which we formulate our fertilizers, seeking to offer highly effective yet environmentally friendly solutions.

Since 1955, Fratelli Fissore Fertilizzanti  has been the artisan of green growth, weaving a story of excellence and dedication at the heart of horticulture. We are more than a company: we are growers of ideas, custodians of the land and creators of a future rooted in the passion for our profession.



Two hands pass a plant with roots and fresh soil, symbolizing connection and commitment to sustainable growth.

01.  Reliability

This chromatic representation offers a close-up look at the plant world, conveying a feeling of calm and connection with nature. Discover poetry in the simplicity of this botanical vision.

03.  Transparency

Orange flower petals with water drops sparkling in the sunlight, representing a moment of natural beauty.

02.  Competence

Fratelli Fissore Fertilizers logo
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