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Organomineral fertilizer for lawns and gardens with slow-release nitrogen and anti-moss properties.

It is a high-quality granular fertilizer, designed for lawns, soccer fields, and green areas. TOPGREEN is a balanced slow-release formulation for a dense, compact, intensely colored, and traffic-resistant lawn. Nitrogen is in the form of organic, ammoniacal, and ureic slow-release compounds, allowing gradual and consistent nutrition without excessive stress on the grass. TOPGREEN combines essential mineral macro and micro-nutrients with a portion of natural organic matter that improves the physical structure of the soil and enhances the complete absorption of fertilizing elements.

The potassium from sulfate is readily assimilated by the lawn, promoting intense coloration and compactness. Iron plays a crucial role in anti-moss action.


For optimal use, it is recommended to apply TOPGREEN from March to November (with suspensions in July and August).

TOPGREEN should be evenly distributed at a rate of 40-60 grams per square meter, starting in March/April. Repeat the application every 45-60 days until September/October, suspending in July and August. After fertilizing, lightly irrigate.


Organomineral fertilizer NPK+SO,+Fe+C=9-6-15+2+15+2+7,5.

Nitrogen (N): Total 9%, including organic 2%, ammoniacal 5%, and ureaform 2%.
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5): Total 6%.
Potassium Oxide (K2O): Total 15% (from sulfate).
Sulfur Trioxide (SO3): Total 15%.
Iron (Fe): Total 1.9%.
Organic Carbon (C) of biological origin: Total 7.5%.
Low chlorine content.


5 Kg. COD 1206 / bancale EUR 200 pz. o pallbox espositore 80 pz
25 Kg. COD 1208 / bancale EUR 40 pz. o bancale 60 pz


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