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Greening and anti-moss

It is a microcrystalline salt used for ornamental and fruit plants, flowers, lawns and vegetable gardens; carries out a preventive and curative action against iron chlorosis, responsible for the yellowing of the leaves and dull colors of the flowers (azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, gardenias, camellias); excellent as a corrective for alkaline, calcareous soils, it is successfully used to eliminate moss from lawns.


For correct use we recommend use from March to November.

FLOWER AND ORNAMENTAL POTTED PLANTS: gr. 5 per plant / IN OPEN FIELD: gr. 10 per plant.
The product must be distributed on the ground, irrigated and lightly buried; it can be dissolved in water and distributed in a solution at a dose of 100 g. 100-200 for 10 litres. of water, taking care not to wet the leaves and flowers. TURF: 5 gr. per m2..


Soil improver and corrective for agricultural use heptahydrated ferrous sulphate (FeSO, +7H,O) 90%.


1 Kg. COD 1095 / imballo 12 pz
5 Kg. COD 1096 / pallbox espositore 80 pz
25 Kg. COD 1097 / bancale EUR 40 pz. o bancale 60 pz


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