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NPK mineral fertilizer with slow release nitrogen,
high quality up to 150 days of complete nourishment guaranteed!
For vegetable gardens, orchards, gardens and turf.

OROGOLD is a low-chlorine, high-quality micro-granular fertilizer; with its balanced and comprehensive formula, it can optimally nourish vegetable plants, fruit trees, gardens, and lawns for up to 5 months. The presence of Magnesium, Sulfur, and Iron makes the product even more complete, reducing the risk of potential micronutrient deficiencies.


For optimal use, it is recommended to apply from March to October.

VEGETABLE GARDEN: Distribute the product evenly before sowing/transplanting or during the early vegetative stages at a rate of 60-80 g per m².

FRUIT TREES AND ORNAMENTALS: Distribute the product evenly in late winter and autumn at a rate of 50-80 g per m².

LAWNS AND FLOWER BEDS: Distribute the product evenly 2-3 times a year at a rate of 30-40 g per m², watering the lawn after distribution.


Solid inorganic fertilizer based on macro-elements.
Complex mineral fertilizer NPK (Mg, S) with micronutrients 15-9-15 (2-18).


4Kg. COD 1211 / pallet EUR 200 pz. o pallbox espositore 80 pz


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