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Organo-mineral fertilizer
NPK+C+SO universal

It is a universal granular product with a balanced formulation, suitable for initial fertilization and the production of vegetables, flowers, fruit-bearing plants, gardens, and lawns. 3F FERTILIZER, like all the organo-mineral fertilizers in our production, is a "slow natural release" product because it contains organic and ammoniacal nitrogen. This way, the fertilizing element is released to the plant gradually, meeting its nutritional needs in all its vegetative stages.


For optimal use, it is recommended from February to November.

VEGETABLES, FLOWERS, FRUIT: During soil preparation for sowing or transplanting, use 100-120 grams per square meter, distributing the product evenly and lightly burying it. For maintenance fertilization, use 100-150 grams per square meter every 30 days.

GARDEN AND LAWNS: For ornamental trees and shrubs, use 300 grams per plant at the beginning of spring, summer, and autumn, based on the plant's size. For lawns, use 100-150 grams per square meter at the beginning of spring, early summer, and late summer.


Organic-mineral fertilizer NPK+C+SO, 4-7-7+7.5+10.
Nitrogen (N): Total 4%, of which 2% is organic and 2% is ammoniacal.
Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5): Total 7%.
Potassium Oxide (K2O): Total 7%.
Organic Carbon (C) of biological origin: Total 7.5%.
Sulfuric Anhydride (SO3): Total 10%.


5 Kg. COD 1001 / bancale EUR 200 pz. o pallbox espositore 80 pz
10 Kg. COD 1002 / bancale EUR 100 pz
25 Kg. COD 1003 / bancale EUR 40 pz. o bancole 60 pz


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