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Inert volcanic rock used as mulch for weed control and containment.

Volcanic lapilli is a lightweight and porous natural material of volcanic origin. Its characteristics vary based on the specific composition and grain size of the lapilli. It exhibits the following features:

Lightweight: Known for its lightness, making it an ideal material to improve soil structure without weighing it down.

Porosity: Facilitates air circulation in the soil, promoting good root aeration for plants.

Drainage: Reduces the risk of water stagnation that could damage plant roots.

Thermal Insulation: Helps protect roots during temperature fluctuations.

pH Neutrality: Does not significantly alter the soil pH.

Water Retention: Contributes to maintaining a certain level of moisture in the soil.

Structural Support: Can provide structural support to plants when mixed with the soil.

Essential Minerals: Volcanic lapilli may contain traces of essential minerals like silicon, which can contribute to plant nutrition.


Volcanic lapilli can be used throughout the year, depending on the specific needs of cultivation. It is particularly useful during soil preparation phases or transplanting. If volcanic lapilli is used to enhance soil structure, the quantities can vary. A common dosage might be in the range of 10-20% compared to the total volume of the soil, but it's important to adjust the amount to the specific needs of the soil and plants. When used as a component in substrates for container cultivation, volcanic lapilli can constitute a significant percentage of the substrate, depending on the specific requirements of the cultivated plants.


It is important to note that volcanic lapilli is often considered chemically inert and non-reactive. This means that it generally does not significantly alter the soil pH.


15 It. COD. 1514 / bancale 100 pz
33 It. COD. 1515 / bancale 50 pz


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