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Natural soil conditioner

The selected bark comes from the finest European maritime pine forests and its characteristics make it an essential natural ornament for parks, gardens, flower beds, and green areas. Its main action is weed control, serving as an 'ecological weeding' that blocks the sunlight that promotes weed development. Spread on the ground in layers of a few centimeters, in addition to its original decorative function, it provides a partially protective action against frost, retains moisture, and protects against crusts and erosions. Over time, it degrades into a good natural fertilizer.


Medium type: Ø 15-25 mm.
Big type: Ø25-40 mm.


Selected maritime pine bark.


70 It. (DIN) - 60 It. (EN) COD. 1510 / bancale 42 pz medio.
70 It. (DIN) - 60 It. (EN) COD. 1510 / bancale 42 pz grande.


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