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It facilitates root development and promotes air circulation in the soil.

Expanded clay for gardening is an inert and lightweight product in the form of beads of various sizes. It promotes air circulation in the soil, maintains a constant temperature and humidity, facilitating root development. It is used in greenhouse cultivation, soilless cultivation, hydroponics, for drainage in lawn preparation, and to improve clayey soils. When potting green plants, mix ARGEL with FLORA peat soil and add a layer of ARGEL on the surface.


Expanded clay is often used during transplanting or as the main component in container substrate preparation. This can occur at any time of the year, depending on the specific needs of the plants.

When using expanded clay as part of a substrate, the quantities can vary. However, a common dosage is around 10-20% of expanded clay compared to the total volume of the substrate. If used as a drainage layer in containers, it can be placed at the bottom of the container. A layer of approximately 2-5 cm of expanded clay is typical.


Its composition is designed to be neutral or slightly acidic to adapt to the needs of growing plants. In particular, it is composed of:

Alumina (Al2O3): Contributes to structural and thermal stability.
Silica (SiO2): Promotes porosity and water retention.
Iron (Fe2O3): Present in traces, may influence color.
Calcium (CaO): Contributes to structure and chemical stability.
Magnesium (MgO): May be present in variable amounts.
Potassium (K2O): May be present in traces, contributing to chemical properties.


5 It. COD 1010 / bancale EUR 200 pz o pallbox espositore 80 pz
10 lt. COD 1011 / bancale EUR 192 pz
25 It. COD 1012 / bancale 60 pz


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