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Volcanic rock for substrate aeration.

Inert volcanic rock that, when mixed with the soil, enhances the physical characteristics of the substrate, making it more aerated and soft. With increased water drainage capacity, it facilitates the root development of vegetable, garden, and flower plants.


Its period of use depends on the specific needs of cultivation and local conditions, and the usage amounts can vary based on the specific requirements of the plants and environmental conditions. Perlite is often mixed with the soil or substrate (at a rate of 10-15% of the volume, 5 liters of perlite in 50 liters of soil) during transplanting or substrate preparation for containers.


During the production process, perlite is heated to high temperatures, causing expansion and the formation of small air bubbles. This process imparts to perlite its lightweight and porous structure. Its basic chemical composition includes:

Silica (SiO2): Contributes to its lightweight and porosity.
Alumina (Al2O3): The presence of alumina contributes to the refractory properties of the material.
Sodium Oxide (Na2O): May be present in variable amounts.
Potassium Oxide (K2O): Also may be present in traces.
Iron (Fe2O3): Present in traces, may give a reddish color.
Magnesium (MgO): May be present in variable amounts.


5 Lt. / 100 Lt. COD 1365


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