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Linea Ammendanti substrati e organici


For abundant and prolonged blooms,
ideal for all varieties of orchids!

The soil for orchids is a ready-to-use substrate specially studied for the needs of the main varieties of orchids (Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Oncidium, Cypripedium, Paphiopedilum, etc...).. The right formulation of bark and bark valuable conifer in the right grain size allows optimal conditions for the development of the plant with the right ratio of air and water at the root level, high porosity and lightness, good structural stability of the plant for a lush development.


- It is advisable to repot the orchid in a vase 3/5 cm in diameter larger than the previous pot.
- Remove the orchid from the pot, clean the roots from the old substrate, remove the dried or damaged roots and shorten the longer ones by a few cm.
- Place the plant in the middle of the new pot and fill with the new substrate by pressing lightly and taking care to cover the roots evenly.
- After that, protect the orchid from light and slightly wet until it starts to vegetate normally, then bring to light, regularly wet and fertilize according to the needs of the variety.


Simple uncomposted vegetable improver.

pH (H2O) 5.6
Electrical conductivity (ds/m) 0.26
Dry bulk density (Kg/m3) 65
Total porosity (% v/v) 95


5 Lt. (EN) COD. 1330


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