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Linea Ammendanti substrati e organici


Completely natural and therefore
allowed in organic farming

It is a completely natural product, also derived from humified fermented horse and bovine manure and rich in humified organic substance (humic acids) with a high microbial load. Stalla Super has a multipurpose use in gardening, horticulture and specialized agriculture; its high content of durable humus improves the physical structure, aeration and water capacity of the soil and increases its chemical-biological fertility.
Stalla Super is odorless and does not contain weed seeds, pathogenic germs or insects; it is complete for basic organic fertilization for fruit trees or as the formation of planting beds for herbaceous perennials, bulbous plants, vegetables, seasonal floriferous plants, mixtures for seed beds, green and flowering plants, repotting. ALLOWED IN ORGANIC FARMING!


For optimal use we recommend use from February to November.


Soil improver - bovine and equine poultry manure.
Humidity 16% - 26%.
Carbon (C) Organic, total: 28%.
Nitrogen (N), total: 2.5%.
C/N ratio 11
Raw materials: manure not coming from industrial farms: bovine and equine poultry manure.
Manure processed at ABP2432UFERT2 recognized technical plant


20 Lt. (EN) COD 1201 pallet EUR 120 pz
45 Lt. (EN) COD 1200 pallet EUR 60 pz


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