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Linea Ammendanti substrati e organici


Universal peaty soil
organic professional

Orto&Flora is a natural product composed of a special mixture of fine brown and blonde peat, enriched by the addition of organic substance and all the elements necessary for good rooting and optimal growth of green and flowering plants.


For repotting green or flowering plants: Orto&Flora is ready to use; fill the jars without pressing excessively and keep them moist.
For vegetable and garden plantings: mix the excavated soil with Orto&Flora in a 1 to 1 ratio, wetting well after planting; however, the quantity of Orto&Flora to be used is not limited because its structural qualities improve the soil.
For the preparation and care of lawns: distribute a good layer of Orto&Flora on the ground, till lightly, level, sow and roll. In spring and autumn, spread Orto&Flora on the green carpet as nourishment, coverage and root reinforcement.


Composed peaty soil improver: organic carbon (C) of biological origin on a dry basis 25%, organic nitrogen (N) on a dry basis 1%, C/N ratio 25 - salinity (expressed as conductivity) 0.70 ds/m, peat 50 %.


5 It. COD 1310
10 lt. COD 1311 / pallet EUR 120 pz
20 It. COD 1312 / pallet EUR 162 pz
50 It. (DIN) - 45 It. (EN) COD 1351 / pallet EUR 60 pz
80 lt. (DIN) - 70 It. (EN) COD 1350 / pallet EUR 42 pz


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