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Linea Ammendanti substrati e organici


Hortus organic professional substrate for sowing
and the transplanting of all vegetable plants

The substrate for Nonna Flora's vegetable garden is made up of a mixture of blonde Baltic peat and brown peat. The fertilization, specially formulated for all horticultural species, provides vigorous growth from both the root and foliar systems.
With the use of the substrate it will be possible to obtain great results for both leaf and fruit vegetables, grown in the vegetable garden or on the terrace of the house.
Nonna Flora's vegetable garden is a substrate obtained exclusively from natural peat not coming from protected areas. It represents the ideal habitat for sowing, transplanting and growing all vegetables both in the field and on the balcony.


The substrate for Nonna Flora's Garden is to be used pure without having to be integrated with other products.
It does not require any additional fertilizer as it is already rich in nutrients. It can be used in any container.
The substrate for Nonna Flora's vegetable garden is ideal for growing all vegetables, both leaf and fruit. Particularly suitable for sowing and transplanting species intended for food (tomatoes, peppers, salads, aubergines, strawberries, basil, herbs in general, etc.).
It is possible to grow the seedlings directly inside the soc, making incisions or boxes in the upper part. Then proceed by watering your seedlings, taking care to make drainage holes underneath for excess irrigation water. You will thus have the opportunity to create your own vegetable garden directly on the balcony of your home.


Growing substrate Base pH (in H20) 6.0.
Electrical conductivity 0.40 dS/m.
Dry bulk density 150 Kg/m3 - Total porosity 91% v/v.
Components: acid peat.
Added compound mineral fertilizer.


20lt. COD 1299 / pallet EUR 162 pz
50 lt. (DIN) - 45 It. (EN) COD 1390 / pallet EUR 60 pz
80 lt. (DIN) - 70 lt. (EN) COD 1391 / pallet EUR 42 pz


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